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♫ You're My Melody ♫

22 August 1988
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I'm totally copying and pasting from my intros in forums. XD

Hey everybody!
I'm Marian from California. I'm 20 years old, and I am on my third year of college. I'm also a Filipina who butchers her native language of Tagalog. XD
I try though, that counts for something right? XP

I was a Political Science major, and then realized that it didn't float my boat. I tried this intro to Chemical Engineering, but that didn't float that well either. Uh...of course, my mom is pushing me into Nursing, but eh, I'm still trying to resist. haha. I'm considering being an Occupational Therapist, so we'll see if that'll float my boat enough. Biology is exciting! T_T

I'm currently in love with anything Asian. Food, dramas, boybands....is it a good thing? I don't know. XP

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